1. If you’re 18 years old and above of any nationality, or a registered corporation, whether locally or abroad, you are eligible to open a MakeTrade account.
    However, it is important to note that Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities Inc. has the right to deny any application which would not adhere to its own set of Terms and Conditions.
  2. Filipinos and even non-Filipinos can open a Make Trade account even if you are residing outside the country.  Just make sure to complete the requirements and have the ability to appear in a video call with one of our MakeTrade representatives. However, we still need you to send us through mail the complete forms at our Head Office.  
  3. Registering can now be done online, simply by going through our online application and filling in all of the necessary details requested.
    Depending on the type of client, nationality, or the corporation’s country of origin, the requirements might differ. Kindly click here for the complete list of requirements on How to Open an Account.  
    Please get in touch with us at, or call our hotline at +632 625-5888/328-5888/0917-8537870 if you have further questions. We are happy to help.
  4. The minimum funding needed to open is Php 25,000 for a standard account.
    Deposits of P1M in combined cash and stock value will automatically make you a Premium client. This will entitle you to have exclusive set of benefits and perks.
  5. You can start trading after you deposit the minimum funding to your account. Give us 1 to 3 days to verify the details of your funding. After we have checked and confirmed it, you will receive an email notification that your account has been activated.
    Once activated, you can log in to our MakeTrade website.  Just click on Trade and you are all set to do your first transaction.  
  6. Once you’re logged in, click on your icon at the upper right hand corner of your dashboard and click My Account. Your basic account information, security settings and account preferences can be updated here.
    For your protection, some information changes may need supporting documents and subject for approval by MakeTrade.
  7. On the login page, click “Forgot Password?”
    It will prompt you to type in your email address. Click Submit
    An email with a password change link will be sent to your registered email with MakeTrade.
  8. Go to My Account, look for Account Information and click Personal info.
    Type in your old password, as well as the new password you want changed, and click Save.
  9. There are 3 ways to fund your account through our partner banks (Maybank Philippines, BPI, BDO and Metrobank):
    1. Over the Counter Payment
    2. Online Bank Transfer 
    3. Check deposit at our MakeTrade office at the 17/F, Tower One & Exchange Plaza Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue
    Alternatively, you may fund your account by transferring stocks from your other stockbrokerage account, or by converting your stock certificates.
    Important: Always make sure to take a photo/scanned image that you can upload on your MakeTrade account, so that we can credit your funds to your wallet upon approval.
    • Over the Counter Payment
    Funding will be credited to Maketrade account within 24 hours. (Excluding public holidays and weekends)
    1. Go to any Maybank, BPI, BDO, or Metrobank nearest you.
    2. Fill out the payment slip with the required fields.
    3. Pay the amount indicated to the cashier and submit payment slip. (The payment slip will be returned to you)
    4. Take a photo of your funding confirmation and upload the photo to your MakeTrade Wallet.
    • Online Bank Transfer
    The following steps assume that you are already enrolled with your bank’s internet banking facility.
    Funding will be credited to your Maketrade account within 24 hours. (Excluding public holidays and weekends)


    Payment Process:

    1. Log on to
    2. Under Online Banking, click Bills Payment.
    3. Log in using your online banking username and password.
    4. Under the dropdown of Billers institution, select MakeTrade ATR Kim Eng. 
    5. Enter your client reference number under Subscriber/Account Number.
    6. Choose the Maybank account from which the payment will come from.
    7. Enter the amount.
    8. Select Immediate Payment.
    * You should receive a confirmation email from Maybank if payment was successful.
    9. Take a photo of your funding confirmation and upload the photo to your MakeTrade Wallet.

    Enrollment Process
    1. Log in to your account on BPI ExpressOnline
    2. From the Payments & Reloading taskbar, choose Bills Payment > Enroll Credit Cards or Loans.
    3. Fill out the enrollment form by providing the required information. Once completed, click Submit.
    4. A notification will then be sent to your registered email address. Submit the necessary forms to your nearest branch or directly to BPI Fulfillment Banking.
    * The bank will activate your request within two (2) banking days upon receipt of your original signed enrollment form and documentation requirements. Please send these within ten (10) banking days from the date of your online request.

     Payment Process:
    1. Under Payments & Reloading, click Bills Payment, click Pay Bills Today.
    2. Under Pay, choose your MakeTrade Account.
    3. Enter the amount.
    4. Choose the BPI account where payment will come from.
    5. Click Submit.
    * You should receive a confirmation email from BPI if payment was successful.
    6. Take a photo of your funding confirmation and upload the photo to your MakeTrade Wallet.

    Enrollment & Payment Process:
    1. Log on to
    2. Click the Add Company/Biller icon
    3. Fill-out the Enrollment Details and choose the Channels or electronic banking services where you may want to pay your bills in the future.
    4. Click Submit.
    5. Click OK when the confirmation dialogue box appears
    6. Click the Pay Bills icon
    7. Fill-out the Payment Details, choose your Payment Schedule, click Submit
    8. Click OK when the confirmation dialogue box appears
     * You should receive a confirmation email from BDO if payment was successful.
    9. Take a photo of your funding confirmation and upload the photo to your MakeTrade Wallet.

    Payment Process:

    1. Go to your Metrobank branch of account and enroll in MetrobankDirect.
    2. Log on to and select Pay Bills.
    3. Under “Special Bill", choose “Company name” from the dropdown list of billers.
    4. Enter your client reference number.
    5. Enter your Phone Number
    6. Choose Account Number where the payment will be sourced from.
    7. Enter the amount  you wish to pay.
    8.Select “Immediate Payment” (account is immediately deducted upon approval) or “Future Dated” and click “Continue” button.
    9. Click “Confirm” button for the system to process your payment.
    10. View or print Transaction Acknowledgment Receipt as proof of payment.
     * You should receive a confirmation email from Metrobank if payment was successful.
    11. Take a photo of your funding confirmation and upload the photo to your MakeTrade Wallet.
  10. Please email for wire transfer or remittance information.
  11. We credit your account within 24 hours upon receipt during trading days. There could be delays if you deposit funds during weekends / holidays depending on your issuing bank.   
  12. You may submit the following documentary requirements to our office:

                 Upliftment Form
                 Specimen Signature Form

    Note: Processing of stock certificates may take one to two months as it is contingent on the clearing process of the Transfer Agent and Philippine Depository and Trust Corporation. There is a corresponding minimal fee that will be charged.
  13. You may withdraw available funds from your account by accessing Wallet, then click Withdraw. You will be asked to confirm if the withdrawal shall be credited to your registered bank account or shall be picked up from our office. After selecting the form of payment, you will be asked to enter your password to authorize the withdrawal request.
    All withdrawal requests are subject to the verification of requested amount to actual account cash balance reflected in your account.
  14. Standard processing time of withdrawal requests is 3 to 5 working days. Proceeds from a stock sale are subject to T+3 standard settlement period.
  15. All non-suspended Peso-denominated stocks may be traded using the MakeTrade platform.
    PSE can suspend trading of a stock from time to time because of material corporate disclosure or any violations against PSE rules by the company.  All suspended stocks are non-tradeable until the suspension is officially lifted by the Exchange.
  16. Trading Hours are scheduled between Monday to Friday (excluding declared holidays)  with the following timetable:
    Time Period Activity
    9:00 AM Pre-Open Enter, Cancel or Modify Orders
    No matching of orders
    9:15 – 9:30 AM Pre-Open No-Cancel Enter Orders Only; Cancel or Modify no longer allowed
    No matching of orders
    9:30 AM Market Opens Market Freeze to match Pre-open orders and determine Open Price
    9:30 AM -12:00NN Continuous Trading Enter, Cancel or Modify Orders, including odd-lots
    12:00 NN – 1:30 PM Market Recess Enter Orders Only; Cancel or Modify no longer allowed
    No matching of orders
    1:30 PM Market Resumes Enter, Cancel or Modify Orders, including odd-lots
    3:15 – 3:17 PM Pre-Close Auction Enter, Modify or Cancel Orders
    3:18 – 3:20 PM Pre-Close Auction No Cancellations or Modifications Allowed
    3:20 – 3:30 PM Trading-at-Last Buy and Sell Orders at Closing Price
    3:30 PM Market Close  
  17. Listed below are the different order types available in our platform:
    DAY - Day Limit Order is only valid until the end of the trading day at 3:30 PM. If your buying or selling order is not matched during the day, this will automatically be cancelled and will have to be reposted by the investor on the next trading day.
    GTC - the “Good Till Cancelled” orders are limit orders which are valid until cancelled or until it has reached the set expiration date of the security. GTC orders may automatically be cancelled by the system when a stock has a Corporate Action (e.g. Rights, Tender Offer, Dividends).
    GTD – “Good Till Date” limit order is valid until the date you specified. .GTD orders may  automatically be cancelled by the system when a stock has a Corporate Action.
    NEXT DAY – the Next Day Order is a limit order that would allow you to enter orders after closing in preparation for the next trading day. Next Day orders can be placed from 3:31 PM to 11:59 PM. For orders during market activity, you may post from 9:00am-12:00nn and 1:30pm-3:30pm
    ICEBERG (Optional) - Iceberg Orders are posted when you want to keep the order hidden from the market. Posting Iceberg orders is encouraged when the order to be posted is significantly large. You will be required to enter a disclosed order size, which must be at least 10% of the total order size. Take note that in an Iceberg order, the disclosed order size will be executed first; the rest of the order size will be re-queued upon match of the disclosed order.
  18. Normal Board Lot
    Each stock may trade at different minimum tranches depending on its market price, called Board Lot Size. If a stock's board lot is 1,000 then that is the minimum amount of shares that can be traded and should also be traded in scales of 1,000. For example, an order to buy a stock with a board lot of 100 will reject an order to buy 50, or 30; but will accept 100, 200 and above as long as it is divisible by 100.
    You may trade in the Normal Board Lot in the NORM board. All Shares in the Normal Board Lot have security tag “XPSE” directly. For example, for an Ayala Corp (AC) stock at the Normal Board Lot, you may select “AC.XPSE” in the trading platform.
    Odd Lot
    Any amount of shares not divisible by a minimum board lot is called an Odd lot. Odd lots are traded at the Odd Lot board which are usually illiquid and often priced at a discount to the current market price of the stock.  
    Odd Lot shares are tagged with ”OD” in the trading platform. For example, an Ayala Corp (AC) stock at the Odd Lot board will have a label of “AC.OD.XPSE”.
    *The table below identifies the Board Lot size based on stock price and the corresponding tick sizes.

    Price Range Tick Size Board Lot
    0.0001 0.0099 0.0001 1,000,000
    0.01 0.049 0.001 100,000
    0.05 0.249 0.001 10,000
    0.25 0.495 0.005 10,000
    0.5 4.99 0.01 1,000
    5 9.99 0.01 100
    10 19.98 0.02 100
    20 49.95 0.05 100
    50 99.95 0.05 10
    100 199.9 0.1 10
    200 499.8 0.2 10
    500 999.5 0.5 10
    1000 1999 1 5
    2000 4998 2 5
    5000 Up 5 5
  19. a.    All your previous orders would appear in the Blotter Tab
    b.    Unfortunately, orders posted before May 25, 2018 will no longer be viewable. If you need assistance in your previous transactions, please call us at 3285888 or email us at We are always happy to help you out.
  20. Yes. There’s no need to wait for three days (T+3) to buy a stock using your proceeds, even if it is the same stock.
  21. The order can get rejected due to any of the following reasons:
    a.    You may have insufficient funds available at the time you were trying to post your buy order.
    b.    You may have been posting shares not available in your portfolio.
    c.    You may have posted an order but is still queued or is a GTC or GTD order

    A posted order, even if it is not completely filled or placed in a GTC /GTD order will temporarily lock out your available cash as it earmarked it for that transaction. You need to cancel the order for the cash to return to your account balance. 

    This is also similar to a sell order. Once the shares are posted and is unfilled, you need to cancel the sell order first before the shares will be unlocked by the system. 
  22. The stock market has a designated time period where cancelling orders are not allowed.. This is between the Pre-Open period from 09:15 to 09:30 AM or during the Pre-Close period from 03:18 to 03:20 PM. Make sure that you are not cancelling your orders at this time.
  23. Yes you can. You can call us anytime during trading hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on trading days. We call this service Broker – Assisted and we do not charge a higher commission rate for this service.
  24. For your protection, GTC orders get cancelled when there’s a corporate action that is about to take place such as a Stock Rights Offering or Stock Dividends during the day.
  25. The following trading fees are charged only when the order posted has been matched. The fees will be based on the matched amount from the posted order.


    EXAMPLE: for a BUY transaction of 1,000 shares at Php 35, total buying Fees and Charges would be Php 103.25.

    For a SELL transaction of 1,000 shares at Php 40,  total buying Fees and Charges would be Php 358. This is because of the Sales Tax at 0.60% of the matched value.

  26. No. There is no monthly fee or handling charge for your MakeTrade account. 
    However, these are some fees if you do the following: 
    a.    Lodgment fee (Depositing a Stock Certificate) - A Lodging fee of Php330 per stock will be charged with an additional Php50 per certificate of the same stock after the first certificate.
    b.    Electronic Share Transfer (Broker to Broker) - Electronic transfer can take one or two days and would incur a cost from the issuing broker as well as the receiving broker.
    Electronic Share Transfer Charges
    Transfer From Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities To Another Broker Php200
    Transfer To Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities From Another Broker Php75

    c.    Upliftment fee (Request a Certificate) - Certificate requests would incur an uplifting charge of Php370 per stock. A new certificate might take more than a month to be furnished
  27. The MakeTrade platform is compatible with all major browsers as we use the latest HTML5 program.
    We encourage the use of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for best viewing.
  28. The following are the different ways to speed up the platform:
    a.    Sufficient RAM and Memory
    b.    Reliable internet speed
    c.    Closing of any programs that might slow down the computer’s RAM (i.e. browser tabs)
    d.    Turning off memory resident programs such as Skype and other similar VoIP platforms
    e.    Cleared Browser Cache
    f.     Make sure that your internet server does not block
  29. We take Security and Data Protection of our clients seriously. Our website adheres to the most up-to-date security and encryption protocol.

    That said, online security is always a two-way street, which is why it is important for you to also use strong passwords and only trade using a secured computer via a secured network. Do not give out any passwords and avoid using a public computer for your trading transactions. Together, we can create a safe and secure environment for your trading.  

    Please follow the guidelines set below for your own data protection. 

    •    Login – we do not support any autocomplete feature for your logins. This adds another layer of security in case any details about your account are disclosed. Never share your passwords with anyone. MakeTrade will also not ask for passwords via email.
    •    Login Attempts – we will suspend any account that will have more than five (5) login attempts. If you forgot your password, click on our steps on “if you forgot your password”
    •    Password – we require a strong password that would have at least 8-12 characters, an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter. We encourage the use of special characters (`~!@#$%^&\*()-_+=[\]{}:;|\\,.<>/?)  for an added layer of security. We also ask that you renew your password regularly. 
    •    Previous Login History – we take note of the last time that you logged in which you can see on your next session. If you see any unusual history on your logins, email us immediately at
    •    Secure Session – we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption so your account and transaction details are safe. To confirm that you are in a secure session, the URL should be in https:// and in some browsers, a small padlock indicates a secure, encrypted session.

  30. 1. Download Stock Transfer Request (EQ Trade) Form from MakeTrade Website under Home > Forms.
    2. Fill up all the required information.
    3. You have two (2) options to pay for Stock Transfer (EQ Trade) fee:
        (a) Debit the payment (per stock, regardless of number of shares) from your MakeTrade cash balance.
    Electronic Share Transfer Charges
    Transfer From Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities To Another Broker Php200
    Transfer To Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities From Another Broker Php75
       (b) Enclose Check payment with filled-out Transfer Request (EQ Trade) form.
    *Please be reminded that you'll be charged Stock Transfer (EQ Trade) fee, both by issuing broker and by receiving broker.
    4. Send the original copy of filled-out Transfer Request (EQ Trade) form to your issuing broker and to MakeTrade.
    Please note that Transfer of Stock Position (EQ Trade) would take 1-2 working days upon receipt of your request.
    You’ll be notified once your request is completed successfully.
  31. You can lodge your stock certificate to your MakeTrade account. Before lodging your Stock Certificate, kindly ensure that the name written on the Stock Certificate is the same as the name on your MakeTrade account. Also, please make sure that you have signed the back of your Stock Certificate.
  32. 1. Visit
    2. Click on HOW TO from the main page, go to DOWNLOAD FORMS and download Lodgement Form and Signature Card.
    3. Fill-out and sign the Lodgement Form and Signature Card.
    4. Submit the Lodgement Form, Signature Card (1 Signature Card per Stock), 2 valid IDs (clear signature) and your Stock Certificate to MakeTrade office @ 17/F Tower One & Exchange Plaza Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines 1226.
  33. You will be charged a Lodgement Fee of Php330 per stock with an additional Php50 per certificate of the same stock after the first certificate.
  34. We will send you a notification once Lodgement is successfully processed.

    Note: Processing of Lodgement is contingent on the clearing process of Transfer Agent and Philippine Depository and Trust Corporation. Crediting of Stock Certificate may take 3- 4 days.
  35. Google Chrome

    Step 1. Select "Always allow pop-ups from".

    Step 2. Then click "Done".

    Mozilla Firefox

    Step 1 Click the button on the upper right side of the screen.

    Step 2. Click on "Allow pop-ups for…".

    Microsoft Edge

    Step 1. Press "Ok".
    Step 2.  Press "Always Allow" button at the lower part of the screen.