Security and Privacy

  1. We take Security and Data Protection of our clients seriously. Our website adheres to the most up-to-date security and encryption protocol.

    That said, online security is always a two-way street, which is why it is important for you to also use strong passwords and only trade using a secured computer via a secured network. Do not give out any passwords and avoid using a public computer for your trading transactions. Together, we can create a safe and secure environment for your trading.  

    Please follow the guidelines set below for your own data protection. 

    •    Login – we do not support any autocomplete feature for your logins. This adds another layer of security in case any details about your account are disclosed. Never share your passwords with anyone. MakeTrade will also not ask for passwords via email.
    •    Login Attempts – we will suspend any account that will have more than five (5) login attempts. If you forgot your password, click on our steps on “if you forgot your password”
    •    Password – we require a strong password that would have at least 8-12 characters, an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter. We encourage the use of special characters (`~!@#$%^&\*()-_+=[\]{}:;|\\,.<>/?)  for an added layer of security. We also ask that you renew your password regularly. 
    •    Previous Login History – we take note of the last time that you logged in which you can see on your next session. If you see any unusual history on your logins, email us immediately at
    •    Secure Session – we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption so your account and transaction details are safe. To confirm that you are in a secure session, the URL should be in https:// and in some browsers, a small padlock indicates a secure, encrypted session.