How to Open New Account

  1. Click Open New Account
  2. On the Open an Account Page, you will see the requirements on how to complete your registration. After reading through the requirements, click Continue

  3. Fill out the necessary personal, bank, dependent and/or corporate information in the form. The amount of information needed would depend on your account type.
    Complete all the steps until you reach the Review and Submit portion of the registration process.

  4. In the Review and Submit section of the registration, make sure that all details you provided are correct and accurate. Click the EDIT button to update any details before submitting.

    Tick the checkboxes to confirm that you provided correct and accurate registration information, agree to Maybank's Group Privacy Policy and Online Service agreement.

    Select your mode of submission for your supporting documents and click Submit.
  5. Your registration is now COMPLETE. To verify your application and complete the registration process. Click DOWNLOAD PDF and sign all areas required for client signature.

  6. Submit your registration form, along with your basic and additional requirements depending on the account type that you've chosen.

    Here are ways to send your forms and to finalize your application in the MakeTrade platform:

    Note: Completing the registration form does not confirm your application. MakeTrade reserves the right to review your application and supporting documents prior to opening your online account.

    The email notice confirms that your account in MakeTrade has already been opened. If you encounter any issues with the registration process, feel free to contact us at (02) 328-5888 or email us at Long distance call rates may apply.