How to Use the Real Time Chart Panel

The chart panel allows you to do technical analysis on a selected security. The Chart view is based on the Security Performance details view. If the upper view is Intraday, it will display a Intraday time frame. 

Click the maximize view to customize your chart by using the various charting functions on the toolbar.

Charting Toolbar Options
  • Chart types – Candle (default), Bar, Curve
  • Time axis – ranges from 5 hours to 1 year; 1 Day is selected by default
  • Indicators – RSI, STO, MMA, dropdown list; choose the indicator that’s best suited to your purposes
  • Drawing tools – choose from a wide range of drawing tools from the toolbar.

    *​Chart Drawing tools
  • Fibonacci Retracements – choose from various Fibo charting tools from the toolbar

    *Chart Fibonacci Markers
You may remove the chart drawings that you have done by clicking on the “Erase” button .