Lodgement of Shares

Lodge your Stock Certificate to MakeTrade Account
* Before lodging your Stock Certificate, kindly ensure that the name written on the Stock Certificate is the same as the name on your MakeTrade account. Also, please make sure that you have signed the back of your Stock Certificate.
1. Visit www.maketrade.com.ph
2. Click on HOW TO from the main page, go to DOWNLOAD FORMS and downlowd Lodgement Form and Signature Card.
3. Fill-out and sign the Lodgement form and Signature Card.
4. Submit the Lodgement Form, Signature Card (1 Signature Card per Stock), 2 valid IDs (clear signature) and your Stock Certificate to MakeTrade office @ 17/F Tower One & Exchange Plaza Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines 1226.
5. You will be charged a Lodging fee of Php330 per stock with an additional Php50 per certificate of the same stock after the first certificate.
6. We will send you a notification once Lodgement is successfully processed.
 Note: Processing of Lodgement is contingent on the clearing process of Transfer Agent and PhilippineDepository and Trust Corporation. Crediting of Stock Certificate may take3- 4 days.