How to Open a Chart

4.1 Opening A Chart
There is a stock listing window in this chart, user is able to click on any stock name to open a chart.

4.2 Search Stock
  Type the name or code of the stock in the search box to search, click on the stock name and a chart will appear.

4.3 Indicator List
 We provide a comprehensive  list of technical indicators in MakeTrade Live Chart.

4.4 Using Different  Chart Types
 You are able to view the plotted chart in 3 different ways by clicking on Candlestick, Bar Chart or Line Chart button on top
 of the chart:

4.5 Save Chart
 It is important  to save all your written analysis, drawings and comments of the stock you've selected. After you have saved it for the
 first time, the stock chart will be  opened with everything you save previously.

4.6 Labeling data
 Click on the data label button to activate the data label showing function. Data label will be constantly visible when the user moves
 the mouse cursor on top of the chart.

4.7 Drawing Lines
 To make analysis easier, you can draw horizontal line, normal line, stick lline or a box in the chart.

4.8 Adding comments
 Adding comments to a chart  can help you to record and recall what you have observed. Besides, it will be good too if you are
 sharing the chart with someone else later and you would like to provide your own insights and comments in it .

4.9 Changing colour setting
 You can change the colour setting for all of the chart elements. To select your preffered color, click on the Colour button before you
 insert or add the chart elements. You can also select any drawing on the chart, and change the colour using the below.

4.10 Finonacci drawing tools
 No charting tool would be complete without the fibonacci series.

4.11 Redo/Undo actions and Removing chart elements
 There are two solutions if you have mistakenly edited the annotations on the chart or if you want to remove it.

4.12 Enlarging the chart
 There are 4 different ways of user to view the chart. It can be view together with both panel, with only either left or right panel, or 
 just view the full chart without any panel.

4.13 Price adjustment setting
 Corporate actions such as Bonus issue, Dividend, Right issue and Stock split will be shown as a bell on chart. You can able or 
 disable any corporate action adjustment on your chart here.

4.14 Saving and Printing Chart
 Save all your comments/annotation, lines and the other elements, that you have drawn on the chart as an image file(image format).

4.15 Navigating the chart 
Charts  are plotted over a period of time. You can navigate the chart using these navigating buttons.

4.16 Zooming  in and out of the chart
 There are several options to zoom in or out of the charts:

4.17 Changing  the chart time frames
 You can change the view from the intraday (tick, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, hourly) to a daily, weekly or even monthly chart.

4.18 Performance chart 
 Add any stock into the Performance Chart from the stock listing window or by the search function, click and drag the vertical line to 
 select a starting point, and check the return% for any updates on your preferred stock listing.