How to Set-Up an Alert

To get notifications regarding securities hitting its target prices, you must set them up first. To do this, go to your HOME page and select a Security from any of the watch lists. On the top part of the right panel, you will see a “speaker” icon which represents an “Alert”.

If this icon is color White, then no alert has been set. If it’s Yellow, then it means an alert has already been setup for the Securities. Click on the icon to open the Alert Setup window.

The Alert setup window contains a textbox, where you can manually input the target price that you want to hit. The default price is the last traded price before you set up an alert and contains preset price variations to choose from (-20%, -10%, +10%, +20%).  Other data that are displayed are the Security code and name, current time, net% and last traded price.

Click on SET ALERT when you’re done.
After setting-up an alert for the ticker, the icon now turns to Yellow color and the security code is automatically set as a favorite. View Alerts
To view all your alerts, click on the Alerts icon from the watch list options section.

Upon clicking you will be shown a list of alerts that you have already setup. Remove Alerts
From the Alerts list view, click on the Trash Bin icon to remove an alert.

A confirmation message will be prompted:
Click on [REMOVE] to proceed with the removal or [NO] to cancel it. Upon confirmation, the securities will no longer appear on the Alerts list.